Movin’ on Up!

Hey Guys, As I settle in from a nice spring break with the family, I can’t help but notice that something is new around here. Oh, I know… I am finally settled into my blog’s new home. Come check me out at and just click the follow button to receive notifications whenever I post. Wait ’til … More Movin’ on Up!

Changing the Narrative

Hey Guys, To find this blog post please click the title below. You will be redirected to where you can find all of FaithWalkin for Today’s blog posts. Can’t wait to see you over there! Changing the Narrative  


Hey Guys, FaithWalkin for Today is gonna’ be movin’ to my new website pretty soon. Don’t worry. You’ll still get all the same great content, but I need you to do something for me. If I were moving into a new house you’d bring a gift, so don’t hold out. Help me warm my … More Moving

Surmounting the Barriers to Deeper Faith and Fulfillment

Not forgiving someone for hurting you may be one of the most common barriers to faithful, successful, purposeful living. It is detrimental to personal, spiritual, and professional growth because it clogs you up. It is also one of the stealthiest barriers because it is internal and often unseen, but insidious and destructive! As I look … More Surmounting the Barriers to Deeper Faith and Fulfillment

Rewrite Your SOP

Life is a strange phenomenon. We all come into the world with a blank slate. As time passes, people write on our slate; some negative, some positive. All in all, this constant writing fills up our slate, creating standard operating procedures (SOP’s). The way we think, the behavior we exhibit, and the things we say … More Rewrite Your SOP